New Zealand made 100% pure beeswax candles

We are overseas catching up with our families from Tuesday the 28th of May and will be back making candles from Friday the 19 of July 2024.
Take care, bee happy.

Our natural beeswax candles are carefully crafted by us and our hardworking bees

Hand dipped by us, our beeswax candles burn beautifully clean and bright, creating a lovely scent of natural honey, while cleaning the air.

No paraffin, no artificial chemicals, scents or additives just pure beeswax straight from the bees with an eco cotton wick.

We produce most candles to order together with a quick dispatch to ensure you are receiving a freshly crafted product for maximum enjoyment.

A big Thank You to the bees!

Why beeswax instead of paraffin candles?

If you like to have a candle going every now and then, it pays to know that a crafted beeswax candle is the environmental alternative to the common candle manufactured from paraffin wax.

Paraffin is a by-product from the petrochemical industry, where they make engine oil, petrol, diesel, plastics etc. To make paraffin candles strong enough additives are included like stearin, which is derived from animal fat and palm oil. Palm oil plantations are expanding worldwide at the expense of tropical rainforest.

Once you are aware, would you still burn these products in your private space where you breathe in the air to live?

Compare burning a beeswax candle with driving an environmentally clean electrical car instead of a fossil fuel burning, polluting car.

And last but not least, beeswax candles appear more expensive but burn longer than paraffin candles by about 40%.

Happy bees expanding
the hive rapidly with lots of young brood, so good to see in springtime.

Our process


Beeswax is produced by the bees. It comes from special glands located on their abdomen and is used as a building stone for comb to store their honey in the hive.

The beeswax we use for our candles are “cappings”. When a cell in the honeycomb is full the bees close the cell by putting a lid of wax over the top. At harvest time the lids are separated from the honey.

We use the wax from the hives we manage ourselves and from other beekeepers we select to make sure we deliver a genuine, sustainable product.


After harvesting the wax is carefully melted and micro filtered to purify. We then store the wax in blocks to be used at a later stage.


We make two types of candles. Hand dipped dinner candles and moulded pillar, cubical and various other shaped candles.

By dipping we build up the wax around the pure cotton wick, layer by layer. This is a delicate and time consuming process where the temperature of the wax, speed and timing between each dip are critical parameters to get a quality product.

Moulded candles are made by pouring molten wax in a silicone mould and left to harden.

"The candles are beautiful...

...and arrived yesterday, super quick!

It was such a pleasure to blow them out after dinner last night, no horrible smell or smoke. I can't believe I have waited so long to try beeswax candles!

Can't resist having a sniff every time I walk past!!

Thanks for the great service 😊🐝"

Liz, Pukekohe


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